120820 - Details from Soane’s Moggerhanger House, Bedfordshire.

Originally Moggerhanger was a small Georgian house, but when it was acquired by Godfrey Thornton, the director of the Bank of England at the time, the Bank’s architect John Soane was commissioned to remodel it between 1790 and 1793.

More substantial work would follow when Thornton’s son Stephen inherited the house. Soane continued from 1806 until the scheme was completed in 1812 while the Bank of England reconstruction was under way. Soane remodelled Moggerhanger entirely, enlarging it to the west, relocating the entrance to the north and reproofing the house completely. He incorporated his previous work from 1793, and maintained its symmetries and Classical axes. Soane experimented with decoration, using it as a prototype for his future work.