120621 - Alison Turnbull, Houses into Flats

Alison Turnbull’s paintings, made over the last three years, investigate the ways inwhich we transform the spaces we inhabit. The images are generated by foundarchitectural plans, sections and elevations, which are floated freely onto subtly colouredfields. These found diagrams are of public and domestic buildings, from different partsof the world , most of which Turnbull has never seen. The drawings come from aneclectic range of sources, books, maps and the internet. Through her technique oflayering and repeatedly abrading the surfaces of her paintings, Turnbull subjects eacharchitectural blueprint to a kind of archaeology. l Subjects include a town hall, chapel,villa, apartment, lighthouse, factory, bank, and asylum; Turnbull likens the series tobuilding an imaginary town or evoking the activities and rituals that make up a life.

(Source: mkgallery.org)