EUROPA Stage by Ada Projects in collaboration with Adam Donen

“A stage defines action. Actors define nothing - they just perform.” - Berthold Brecht

Europa is a musical and dramatic work seen through the prism of Brecht’s idea that a stage defines action more than the actors who perform upon it. We wanted to fuse architecture with music and performance and create a dramatic piece with the STAGE as the lead actor. EUROPA started with a bare skeleton of a stage and an orchestra and choir in the middle of the square. While the music played, slowly stagehands and actors brought objects, pieces of park furniture and games towards the centre. Some of the pieces were pushed, some were worn as costumes and some were played as musical instruments. The pieces became a composite stage, which grew to 6 times its original size. These elements then began to ‘perform’ as part of the opera.

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The magically oversized indoor and outdoor play space of The Royal London Hospital’s dedicated Children’s Hospital, called The Ann Riches Healing Space, designed by architects Cottrell & Vermeulen and graphic designer Morag Myerscough.

Another tough day in the office drawing play equipment

Another tough day in the office drawing play equipment

120404 - Gregg Lynn’s Recycled Toy Furniture, 2008

"These are the first generation prototypes of high technology scavenging of recycled plastics for furniture. The objects include four different sized tables with plastic Panelite tops, a low bench, a storage wall, a coat rack and cylindrical shoe closet. Reinventing the brick: I have been preoccupied with recycling my kids toys into walls, furniture and usable objects; using their toys as bricks. This led me to design a plastic brick called the Blobwall© system of construction. The Blobwall© is the first plastic brick that brings everyday life into a building scale masonry construction system. Now we are literally using toys as bricks and we have found a way to scan, design, fabricate and construct walls of recycled toys. These objects are lightweight and bear their own weight. The Recycled Toys do not use the labor or expertise of masonry and the wet forgiving technology of mortar to become level and true. Instead, they are laser scanned and digitized into a computer, they are designed and arrayed like bricks, their intersections are defined as cutting paths, a robot cuts their joints and connections with precision. They do not rest on mortar joints, they are not even glued; the toy bricks are welded together with a tool used to repair car fenders."